I experienced this same issue with a Davis Vantage Vue ISS with a Davis 
data logger.  I recently noticed on Wunderground that when my wind speed 
was low enough, it would show up on the WU map with a dashed outline 
meaning that it was missing data.  After a little research here, I found 
that I needed to disable rapidfire to keep that from occurring.  After 
doing that, I found that I was experiencing this same issue with phantom 
leaf wetness, soil moisture, and soil temp values.  I followed your 
instructions to update my weewx.conf and it's now working as desired, 
without reporting these erroneous values.

I have a question or two:
1. why does using rapidfire cause a loss of wind data reported to WU?
2. why did I NOT see any phantom values until I disabled rapidfire?

[the other] Tom K

On Tuesday, May 24, 2016 at 10:18:12 PM UTC-5, Bill Richter wrote:
> This is my final configuration that is working.  
> set record_generation=hardware  in weewx.conf  (this is the default)
> set these values to make sure nothing is archived or sent out.
> [StdCalibrate]
>     [[Corrections]]
>         # For each type, an arbitrary calibration expression can be given.
>         # It should be in the units defined in the StdConvert section.
>         # Example:
>         #foo = foo + 0.2
>         leafWet1 = None
>         soilMoist1 = None
>         soilTemp1 = None

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