I use this android app 

It was designed for Cumulus weather program but I create the same file 
format using weewx.

To make it work with weewx do the following:

Under [CheetahGenerator] in your skin.conf add this line:
            template = realtime.xml.tmpl

Place the attached file into the same directory(folder) as the skin.conf 
you just edited.

Run wee_reports and see if a realtime.xml file is produced in the root of 
the website for the weewx weather.

Download the app to your phone and put in your url for you weather website 
e.g http://yourweathersite.com.au/realtime.xml

That's about it. Hopefully it will help someone. I use this app everyday 
and I used to use cumulus on a windows pc but since swapping
to weewx I couldn't find any app that was as good.

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