Every time my logger gets a lot of data that hasn't been sent to weewx 
because system is offline (like power outage for last 2 days), the system 
comes up, vantage driver fails a CRC16 error well documented and then the 
only thing you can do is manually pull all the power to the envoy and 
restart weewx.  it will download some data to the database and then get an 
error again and exit the vantage driver.  You may get and hour or 2 of data 
and then have to stop, pull power, start weewx and view log.

I used to have the data being pumped to CWOP and WUNDERGROUND.  I turned 
off CWOP and it behaved slightly better but it seems as soon as a 
WUNDERGROUND record went out it would stop working pretty close to that 

Today I decided to do a wee_device --dump.  I'm confused why using the 
exact same drivers it has no problem reading and streaming all the data in 
to the database (obviously error-ing out on duplicate keys) and never gets 
a CRC error.    Obviously no WUNDERGROUND data is sent but the process does 
finish. If I then start weewx, it goes right in to the loop process and 
doesn't fail.

I know people have chased the USB cable, power supply (my logger is wrapped 
in AC duct foil tape (including the cable) and has a 2 ferrite ended 
cable.  Doesn't help. Power supply is new and fine on Rpi.   

I think it may be the vantage driver and trying to pause during a push to 
one of the services while downloading all this data.  Can't prove that  but 
that is my observation. 

I modified vantage.py  today to allow me to not have to say yes to the dump 
command with a --dumpauto option. I took weewx out of rc.d and run a job a 
startup using cron that calls wee_device --dumpauto and then immediately 
starts weewx.  

While that is the backstory, what am I missing by taking this approach that 
at least has the system back up and running when the power goes down or 
multiple hours of data end up on the logger without weewx running?

I get I am probably not getting data to wunderground for all those  
periods.  it is in the database.  not sure what else to try.

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