OK, thanks. I thought it was a bit strange that there were two different 
.sdb files in the example.

Anyway, I did it again as you suggested and it seems to have worked in that 
the gusts have been nulled, but now that I've restarted weewx it says I've 
just had a metre of rain! https://www.globalwanderings.co.uk/weather/
Back to the drawing board I guess.


On Monday, 12 March 2018 14:02:02 UTC, Tom Keffer wrote:
> If you get a "no such table" error, it's probably because you're running 
> sqlite3 on an empty database.
> I know you checked for that, but your check was on a different sqlite 
> file. Run the check on backup.sdb (not mydb.sdb)
> -tk
> On Mon, Mar 12, 2018 at 6:52 AM, Richard Cain <richar...@gmail.com 
> <javascript:>> wrote:
>> I have some erroneous data which I want to delete so I thought I would 
>> follow the instructions on the weewx github file: cleaning up old 'bad' 
>> data. I copied my weewx database file to my Desktop and renamed it 
>> backup.sdb and checked it was the same size as the original. I then copied 
>> the instructions but got the following:
>> richard@richard-ub1710:~/Desktop$ echo "SELECT * FROM archive WHERE 
>> (windGust  > 50);" | sqlite3 backup.sdbrichard@richard-ub1710:~/Desktop$ 
>> echo "UPDATE archive SET windGust=NULL  WHERE (windGust  > 50);" | sqlite3 
>> mydb.sdbError: near line 1: no such table: archive
>> richard@richard-ub1710:~/Desktop$ sqlite3 backup.sdbSQLite version 
>> 3.19.3 2017-06-08 14:26:16Enter ".help" for usage hints.sqlite> 
>> .tablesarchive  
>>                          archive_day_outTemp             archive_day_ET  
>>                   archive_day_outTempBatteryStatusarchive_day_UV        
>>             archive_day_pressure            archive_day__metadata        
>>      archive_day_radiation           archive_day_altimeter            
>>  archive_day_rain                archive_day_barometer            
>>  archive_day_rainBatteryStatus   archive_day_consBatteryVoltage    
>> archive_day_rainRate            archive_day_dewpoint              
>> archive_day_referenceVoltage    archive_day_extraHumid1          
>>  archive_day_rxCheckPercent      archive_day_extraHumid2          
>>  archive_day_soilMoist1          archive_day_extraTemp1            
>> archive_day_soilMoist2          archive_day_extraTemp2            
>> archive_day_soilMoist3          archive_day_extraTemp3            
>> archive_day_soilMoist4          archive_day_hail                  
>> archive_day_soilTemp1           archive_day_hailRate              
>> archive_day_soilTemp2           archive_day_heatindex            
>>  archive_day_soilTemp3           archive_day_heatingTemp          
>>  archive_day_soilTemp4           archive_day_heatingVoltage        
>> archive_day_supplyVoltage       archive_day_inHumidity            
>> archive_day_txBatteryStatus     archive_day_inTemp                
>> archive_day_wind                archive_day_inTempBatteryStatus  
>>  archive_day_windBatteryStatus   archive_day_leafTemp1            
>>  archive_day_windDir             archive_day_leafTemp2            
>>  archive_day_windGust            archive_day_leafWet1              
>> archive_day_windGustDir         archive_day_leafWet2              
>> archive_day_windSpeed           archive_day_outHumidity          
>>  archive_day_windchill           sqlite> 
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