Yes it is a great skin.
What are you running it on? What operating system?
I use that skin abut I have changed it 

I use mysql and not sqlite running on Ubuntu

You also have to add an extra column in the database.
Below is a script I did August 2017 so I could remember how to do it again:
apt install python-dateutil python-ephem
echo this is to get Responsive skin to work.
echo if you use responsive skin you have to add another column otherwise 
you get lots of errors
echo use mysql weewx database
echo alter table archive add column appTemp REAL;
echo copy to /usr/share/weewx/user
echo mkdir /var/lib/weewx/aussearch
echo uncomment  search_list_extensions = user.aussearch.ausutils in 

Don't know if that will help or not.

On Saturday, 7 April 2018 21:36:30 UTC+10, Kimberly Olsen wrote:
> I am very interested in a skin I saw at Carlingford weather 
> but I can't follow his instructions, 
> nor those in the weewx docs. 
> His instructions are
> Welcome to Sydney! To install a report skin in weewx, you just need to 
> grab the skin and copy to the skins directory under weewx config. See 
>  for 
> some loose instructions around this.
> You can grab the ZIP of the skin via 
> If you wish to use the Australian extensions for forecast etc. follow the 
> instructions at 
> I hope that helps.
> I downloaded the ZIP and extracted it to downloads and attempted to move 
> it to /etc/weewx/skins but I get permission denied. I attempted to extract 
> to the same folder with the same result. The weewx instructions are not 
> helpful to me.
> I'm not sure what I am doing wrong
> KImberly

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