Ralph, this line in the log file:

Apr  7 18:59:33 ru-pi weewx[19737]: wxMesh: Working on queue 0 payload : 

means that your sketch has published a message of the string "temperature". 
Looking at your sketch, it looks like it might have

   if((temp > -20) && (temp <110))
        dataString = String("{\"temperature\":") + temp + String("}"); <-- 
not in a format which wxMesh can parse
        dataString.toCharArray(charBuf, 150);
          client.publish(topic,charBuf );

There's also some problems with that if block. Try changing dataString to a 
message that wxMesh can parse, for example 

   if((temp > -20) && (temp <110))
     dataString = String("{\"temperature\":") + temp + String("}");
     dataString.toCharArray(charBuf, 150);
     client.publish(topic,charBuf );
     Serial.print("Published: "); Serial.println(charBuf);

Also weewx can do data quality 
control: http://weewx.com/docs/usersguide.htm#StdQC. I would recommend 
passing whatever you get from the sensor on to weewx, and set it up to 
decide if the data are good. 

wxMesh does not quite read JSON format, it reads key:value pairs separated 
by commas, with the key and value separated by a colon.

Here are the last two publications to my mosquitto broker, which will be 
consolidated into weewx by the wxMesh driver.
TIME:0,AMBT: 0.59,BARP:1022.26,RHUM:64.87,HUMT: 
0.57,IRRA:16,BATV:1010,PHOV:383,SYST:32.20,WIND:  0.0,WDIR:  0.0

The first was published by an ESP8266 which is indoors, the second is from 
my outside homebrew station, relayed by a 2.4GHz radio to ethernet broker.

I have indefinite plans to change the message format to JSON.

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