That looks good. The debug messages from the sketch are showing the right 
message format. I don't think you need my sketch, yours is publishing OK 

Eventually (depending on your mosquitto persistence settings) the bad 
messages will disappear. Googling will reveal methods to clear them out 
faster. I'm fairly clueless in this area, but I think if you run 
mosquitto_sub as the same client as weewx/wxMesh, it will clear them out. 
It might already be cleared from what I see below.

Make sure not to run mosquitto_sub as the same client as weewx when you 
want data to go to weewx. The other might pick up the subscription first. 
It looks like mosquitto_sub is picking a client name at random for you?

On Tuesday, 10 April 2018 14:35:14 UTC-3, Ralph Underwood wrote:
> I restarted mosquitto and when I use mosquitto_sub -d -t weather I get:
> Client mosqsub|16684-ru-pi sending CONNECT
> Client mosqsub|16684-ru-pi received CONNACK
> Client mosqsub|16684-ru-pi sending SUBSCRIBE (Mid: 1, Topic: weather, QoS: 
> 0)
> Client mosqsub|16684-ru-pi received SUBACK
> Subscribed (mid: 1): 0
> Client mosqsub|16684-ru-pi received PUBLISH (d0, q0, r1, m0, 'weather', 
> ... (11 bytes))
> *temperature*
> Client mosqsub|16684-ru-pi received PUBLISH (d0, q0, r0, m0, 'weather', 
> ... (10 bytes))
> INTE:72.50
> Client mosqsub|16684-ru-pi received PUBLISH (d0, q0, r0, m0, 'weather', 
> ... (10 bytes))
> INTE:72.39
> So I need to figure out how to clear the buffer.
> Don't worry about insulting me. Many have said I know just enough to be 
> dangerous.  I fairly sure that I made the sketch changes. Will verify that.
> With each run of the sketch loop I get something like:
> 20.50
> 68.79
> Published: INTE:68.79
> The first two lines are serial printing the temp in C and then my 
> converted to F value.

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