I have manage to solve it by myself problem was icons, so I changed apache 
settings and disabled autoindex.conf

Dne sreda, 11. april 2018 11.11.17 UTC+2 je oseba Damjan Hajsek napisala:
> Hi
> I have the same problem but I am lost at the end, still doesn't get 
> anything on my index page.
> I have attached my index.html.tmpl file. Can someone help me?
> Dne torek, 06. februar 2018 10.01.38 UTC+1 je oseba Cycle London napisala:
>> There is one thing that strikes me.  On the temperature scale, the degree 
>> sign and 'C' appears three times.  I'm assuming that this represents a 
>> high, low and actual prediction?   It's not - I think - anything to do with 
>> my installation, as if I check out the 'MIT Sailing Pavillon' live example, 
>> they have it too.. 
>> http://sailing.mit.edu/weather/forecast.html
>> is there a way to include high and low?  
>> And is it possible to limit the number of days forward that the forecast 
>> reaches?  
>> Is there actually a page where the options for the strip are detailed?  
>> So far, I've only seen the HOWTO on the wiki. 

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