I am very much lost. I suppose I shouldn't have chosen such a big project 
as my first one with a RaspPi and code in general, but here I am.

I was wondering if anyone would be willing to help me out in more of a live 
type way? Maybe over discord? Here is where I am at: I have installed 
Raspbian, set it all up. Installed weewx (I think all the way?) and am now 
trying to set up all the code to talk to my weather station, I managed to 
figure out how to edit the conf file and set the wunderground area to true 
and added my station ID and pw, also, I made the 'register_this_station = 

It is not showing up on weewx's map or in Wunderground.

Would anyone be willing to help me figure out what is going on please? 
Thanks. Like I said, Discord might be useful? But I am willing to try to 
express what's going on here too.

What else can I get to you or do to help you help me?

Thank you.

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