i´m running a davis vantage pro station with soil moisture and leaf wetness 
sensors. the data of this station should be used in a pest control program 
in my village.

leaf wetness is indicated with values between 1 (dry) and 15 (wet).

but the algorithmus uses other weather stations, were the wetness range is 
0 (wet) and 255 (dry).

so first, i have to convert the standard values to the appropriate 
algorithmus values like this:

0 255
1 238
2 221
3 204
4 187
5 170
6 153
7 136
8 119
9 102
10 85
11 68
12 51
13 34
14 17
15 0

is this possible with weewx [stdconvert] ?

in the evening of each day it is necessary to upload a data file according 
to this synthax 
can a generate a datafile like this with weewx?

i appreciate any tipps and tricks, thx!

best greetings,

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