all you can do really is write a service, which you bind to a LOOP packet, 
and do your serial output froom that service.  The danger is that the 
service may block weewx if there is an issue with the output serial 
connection.  weewx itself cannot do what you are trying to do.  the LOOP 
data for a record is not kept by weewx, so you cannot output LOOP data 
'after creating record and web pages'.  Another approach might be for the 
service you write to create an output file of the LOOP data and have a non 
weewx program looking for this file, processing it and deleting it once 
processed.  There are several ways you could try - but all require 
development and definition and are not part of weewx.  Why are you wanting 
to output the LOOP data to another machine??

On Wednesday, 14 August 2019 12:11:19 UTC+3, boke wu wrote:
> something like:
> VP2 in ttyUSB1  (send data )  => Weewx ( save archive ,make web page....)
> Weewx (After weewx done everything , open serial port in ttyUSB2 and write 
> loop data)  => My other RS232  device (receive string loop data and logging)

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