On Wednesday, August 14, 2019 at 5:11:19 AM UTC-4, boke wu wrote:
> something like:
> VP2 in ttyUSB1  (send data )  => Weewx ( save archive ,make web page....)
> Weewx (After weewx done everything , open serial port in ttyUSB2 and write 
> loop data)  => My other RS232  device (receive string loop data and logging)

as andrew noted, you could write a weewx service to do this.

or you could create a serial port sniffer in hardware.  create a wiring 
harness with 3 serial ports - one port plugs into the vp2, the other two do 
a 'Y' from that.  one of those two plugs into the computer running weewx, 
the other plugs into the other listener.  you only have to connect 3 wires: 
TX, RX, and GND.  you can even eliminate the TX pin for the non-weewx 

as long as weewx is the only software sending commands, the other device 
will be a passive listener.

this is a common approach for reverse engineering serial protocols, and it 
is an easy (and super inexpensive) way to get serial data to multiple 

but only ONE device can do the sending/commands.  others must be passive 

then write your software to read and decode the traffic that passes over 
the serial line.


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