My previous Acurite 5x1 died sometime ago due to age and exposure, then 
Acurite Atlas as a replacement which also provides UV.

I previously had an issue with Acurite, as they required their connection 
module to be changed, from Hub to Access. Sure, technology evolves and the 
Hub not just to be put in tech trash pile, but the service would cease. 
Acurite provided a discount for a period of time, but as I need another 
Access (for relatives), it is now at full price.

Later verified that the new Acurite Atlas UV sensor was not working (which 
it seems a common occurrence as posted in related forums), and requested a 
replacement which took long to arrive. Meanwhile, besides its flimsy 
appearance when compared to the robust Atlas, gave a Ambient Weather 
WS-1550-IP a try... and couldn't be happier.

Sure, Davis is the "Cadillac" of the PWS's, but at a price. Ambient weather 
provides almost as much info as Davis, and Radiation which is not provided 
by Atlas.... and its cheaper!

Most important for WeeWX users, as much I learned the "sniff" capabilities 
of Matt's Interceptor Driver, the process to make it work takes tweak and 
time. While Matt's ObserverIP driver is a breeze and working in minutes 
(with no need to tweak router, deal with DNS hijack or firewall).

Bottom line: WS-1550-IP - Better money value, more sensors and easier for 
WeeWX setup.


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