I did similarly. This add on report is being run by my script 3 minutes after 
midnight generating a report for midnight. It is on a 4 RPI Zero, better to not 
run out too at midnight. Clumsy but it works. 

Now I have a very good numerical description of minimums and maximums in last 7 
and last 30 days graphs in the Smartphone skin. 

As I am using Weewx only briefly, I am mostly unfamiliar with it. I am not 
certain what can I safely remove from this add on report config files. So, 
slowly... The first thing is to understand it and test if it can do what I need 
it to do.

Of course, the proper solution for me would be to fix it in a source code to 
achieve seamless consistent use of maxmin and minmax. Should I continue using 
it, that will have to wait until I learn Phyton. For now, I am unable to reduce 
graph margins.

Na 11. listopada 2019. 01:53:17 CEST, gjr80 <gjroder...@gmail.com> wrote:
>Whilst it is true that the report_timing option 
>only works down to the report level (ie it cannot discriminate between 
>templates) this is easily overcome with a little lateral thinking. 
>Duplicate the skin (with a unique name of course) containing the
>concerned and then disable/remove all other reports from the duplicated
>skin. Add a new entry under [StdReport] in weewx.conf for the duplicate
>skin with the desired report_timing option.
>On Friday, 11 October 2019 08:23:43 UTC+10, Pila wrote:
>> Yup. An extremely ugly fix to a problem for which I claim should not
>> existed. Works. I just hope it is not doing to a database something.
>> Na 10. listopada 2019. 15:47:53 CEST, Andrew Milner
>> <javascript:>> wrote:
>>> I think you can run wee_reports manually or via cron with a
>>> .conf (and therefore different skin(s)) specified.  this would
>permit just 
>>> doing the report(s) you wanted, at time you desire.
>>> On Thursday, 10 October 2019 14:45:53 UTC+3, Pila wrote:
>>>> Yes, using span delta means I am using now as the starting point.
>>>> was I wanted to acheve.
>>>> minmax: $span(day_delta=7).outTemp.minmax
>>>> maxmin: $span(day_delta=7).outTemp.maxmin
>>>> I tried running a report with a midnight time, and it creates
>>>> minmax spans, as you correctly stated. Any other time, it skips
>>>> the page with no interactive display of the fault, only in the log.
>>>> But now, my problem is how to create minmax lines on the midnight
>>>> reuse them entire day? report_timing option in weewx.conf is for
>>>> reports. That does not fit the bill. 
>>>> I need a weekly and monthtly minmax / maxmin lines under the week
>>>> month OutTemp graphs. Closest to the usable idea I have:
>>>> 1) in skin.conf, create two templates (for the two maxmin+minmax
>>>> one for week one for month)
>>>> 2) include them to temp.html.tmpl
>>>> But, I am unable to find a solution to create these two files at 
>>>> midnight only and reuse them the rest of the day? Can I, in a
>skin.conf, do 
>>>> somethng like:
>>>> [ $(date +"%H:%M") == "00:00" ] && create_templates || skip
>>>> I could try initially generating them manually at midnight, and
>then use 
>>>> stale_age in skin.conf to keep them for 24 hours. Not elegant and
>>>> but it may work. I am open to any better suggestions.
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