I had a couple of errors in the station_url in weewx.conf when I originally 
setup weewx. I was able to correct the first error (the directory at the 
web site) which may have registered a second station (see below). To 
correct the second error (the dot after www) I tried changing station_url 
again to the correct value and again had weewx reread conf (kill -HUP 
<pid>). But this change does not appear on the weewx map.

The set up process was not easy as my wmr200 was providing incorrect 
historical data and it took some effort to find and change the 
erase_archive parameter) And I tried to set up on both a mac and rpi before 
I got a valid installation so many methods were tried which also may have 
left some residue i.e. that may be where the duplicate stations came from.

I am hoping for a less drastic solution than *Reinstall* so any suggestion 
are welcome.


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