Update of bug #25177 (project wesnoth):

                 Release:             1.13..5+dev => 1.13.5+dev             


Follow-up Comment #3:

The game loading screen does have a black background, but the campaign loading
screen doesn't. It sounds like it is supposed to, but I didn't edit anything.
Maybe this is some upstream display issue, except that the game seems to be
working right other than that; I can change resolutions and window size
without trouble, and move in and out of campaigns and scenarios. I don't have
any other problems on my system either. I have both libSDL and libSDL2, but we
are using SDL2 now right? These are the versions of those libraries I have:
libSDL2: 2.0.3
libSDL2_gfx: 1.0.1
libSDL2_image: 2.0.0
I'm using KDE 4.14.9, which is not bleeding edge in any way.

I wiped out the git repository and recloned it. I erased my savegames and
preferences too, and I still see the same behavior. I'm willing to believe
that the problem is on my end, but I would like to know where.


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