Josh Brooks <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I have noticed very unpredictable behavior from wget 1.8.2 -
> specifically I have noticed two things:
> a) sometimes it does not follow all of the links it should
> b) sometimes wget will follow links to other sites and URLs - when the
> command line used should not allow it to do that.

Thanks for the report.  A more detailed response follows below:

> First, sometimes when you attempt to download a site with -k -m
> (--convert-links and --mirror) wget will not follow all of the links and
> will skip some of the files!
> I have no idea why it does this with some sites and doesn't do it with
> other sites.  Here is an example that I have reproduced on several systems
> - all with 1.8.2:

Links are missed on some sites because of the use of incorrect
comments.  This has been fixed for Wget 1.9, where a more relaxed
comment parsing code is the default.  But that's not the case for contains this markup:


That explicitly tells robots, such as Wget, not to follow the links in
the page.  Wget respects this and does not follow the links.  You can
tell Wget to ignore the robot directives.  For me, this works as

    wget -km -e robots=off

You can put `robots=off' in your .wgetrc and this problem will not
bother you again.

> The second problem, and I cannot currently give you an example to try
> yourself but _it does happen_, is if you use this command line:
> wget --tries=inf -nH --no-parent
> --directory-prefix=/usr/data/ -r -l inf
> --convert-links --html-extension --user-agent="Mozilla/4.0 (compatible;
> MSIE 6.0; AOL 7.0; Windows NT 5.1)"
> At first it will act normally, just going over the site in question, but
> sometimes, you will come back to the terminal and see if grabbing all
> sorts of pages from totally different sites (!)

The only way I've seen it happen is when it follows a redirection to a
different site.  The redirection is followed because it's considered
to be part of the same download.  However, further links on the
redirected site are not (supposed to be) followed.

If you have a repeatable example, please mail it here so we can
examine it in more detail.

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