Thank you for the great response.  It is much appreciated - see below...

On Tue, 7 Oct 2003, Hrvoje Niksic wrote:

> contains this markup:
> That explicitly tells robots, such as Wget, not to follow the links in
> the page.  Wget respects this and does not follow the links.  You can
> tell Wget to ignore the robot directives.  For me, this works as
> expected:
>     wget -km -e robots=off

Perfect - thank you.

> > At first it will act normally, just going over the site in question, but
> > sometimes, you will come back to the terminal and see if grabbing all
> > sorts of pages from totally different sites (!)
> The only way I've seen it happen is when it follows a redirection to a
> different site.  The redirection is followed because it's considered
> to be part of the same download.  However, further links on the
> redirected site are not (supposed to be) followed.

Ok, is there a way to tell wget not to follow redirects, so it will not
ever do that at all ?  Basically I am looking for a way to tell wget
"don't ever get anything with a different FQDN than what I started you


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