Philip Mateescu wrote:

> A warning message would be nice when for not so obvious reasons wget
> doesn't behave as one would expect.
> I don't know if there are other tags that could change wget's behavior
> (like -r and meta name="robots" do), but if they happen it would be
> useful to have a message.

I agree that this is worth a notable mention in the wget output. At the very
least, running with -d should provided more guidance on why the links it has
appended to urlpos are not being followed. Buried in the middle of hundreds
of lines of output is:

no-follow in index.php

On the other hand, if other rules prevent a URL from being followed, you
might see something like:

Deciding whether to enqueue "";.
This is not the same hostname as the parent's ( and
Decided NOT to load it.


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