Frank McCown wrote:

Vladimir Volovich wrote:

"DV" == Dmitry Vereschaka writes:

 >> suppose that i run
 >>  >> wget -r -l 1
 >>  >> and index.html contains a link like this:
 >>  >> <A HREF="../directory/file.html">file</A>
 DV> URL ../directory/file.html placed in
 DV> is illegal because no parent
 DV> directory for /index.html exists.

it is "legal". it works everywhere else. that's why i ask to normalize
the URL properly.

The URL is "legal" if the web server doesn't complain (I'm betting its IIS?) and returns /directory/file.html properly, but it's still not technically proper to try to access a file above the root web directory.

I addressed this "bug" in wget few months ago.  See the fix here:

hi frank,

i am going to test and apply your patch later this week, as well as many other pending patches. unfortunately i am still working on my ph.d. thesis at the moment, so i don't have much time to work on wget. however, since i believe my thesis should be ready tomorrow or wednesday at most, i am planning to spend the rest of the week to catch up with wget.

Aequam memento rebus in arduis servare mentem...

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