I'm working a lot on website mirroring from various hosting companies,
and I noticed that usually, hidden files aren't shown by default when
"LIST"ing a directory.
This result in some files (.htaccess/.htpasswd) not being mirrored.

I did an hugly hack for my personnal needs, and have a wget-all binary
which sends "LIST -a" instead of "LIST", but it would be nice to have a
new option to wget, like --ftp-list-options (or whatever).

By default, the same old behaviour would be used, but when passing
--ftp-list-options=-a it would result in having the -a option passed to
LIST. This option is not supported by all FTP servers, but most of those
used nowadays accept it, and usually require it to display "hidden"

I had a look at the wget sourcecode, but I don't know it enought to
write a patch for that, and I don't either have the time to check for
the way to add a new option to wget.

By the way this option should also alter globbing's LIST, making it
possible to run something like wget 'ftp://server.tld/path/to/.ht*'


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