Tony Lewis wrote:
> Mauro Tortonesi wrote: 
>>i would like to read other users' opinion before deciding which
>>course of action to take, though.
> Other users have suggested adding a command line option for "-a" two or
> three times in the past:
> - 2002-11-24: Steve Friedl <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> submitted a patch
> - 2002-12-24: Maaged Mazyek <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> submitted a patch
> - 2005-05-09: B Wooster <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> asked if the fix was ever
> going to be implemented
> - 2005-08-19: Carl G. Ponder <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> asked if the patches
> were going to be applied
> - 2005-08-20: Hrvoje responded by posting his own patch for --list-options
> (and that's just what I can find in my local archive searching for "list
> -a")
> There is clearly a need among the user community for a feature like this and
> lots of ideas about how to implement it. I'd say you should pick one and
> implement it.
> If you need copies of any of the patches mentioned in the list above, let me
> know.

I've just commited into the trunk a patch that finally adds support for
download of hidden files from FTP sites. The patch provides a new
implementation of ftp_list that tries the `LIST -a' command first
and in case of failure gracefully reverts to the good old `LIST'.

Since the patch does not add any new option and provides safe fallback
to previous default behavior, I think it is a good compromise that
implements a new feature without sacrificing maintenability or robustness.

Aequam memento rebus in arduis servare mentem...

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