Hrvoje Niksic wrote: 

> But that misses the point, which is that we *want* to make the
> more expressive language, already used elsewhere on Unix, the
> default.

I didn't miss the point at all. I'm trying to make a completely different
one, which is that regular expressions will confuse most users (even if you
tell them that the argument to --filter is a regular expression). This
mailing list will get a huge number of bug reports when users try to use
globs that fail.

Yes, regular expressions are used elsewhere on Unix, but not everywhere. The
shell is the most obvious comparison for user input dealing with expressions
that select multiple objects; the shell uses globs.

Personally, I will be quite happy if --filter only supports regular
expressions because I've been using them quite effectively for years. I just
don't think the same thing can be said for the typical wget user. We've
already had disagreements in this chain about what would match a particular
regular expression; I suspect everyone involved in the conversation could
have correctly predicted what the equivalent glob would do.

I don't think ",r" complicates the command that much. Internally, the only
additional work for supporting both globs and regular expressions is a
function that converts a glob into a regexp when ",r" is not requested.
That's a straightforward transformation.


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