On Friday 31 March 2006 06:52, Mauro Tortonesi:
> while i like the idea of supporting modifiers like "quick" (short
> circuit) and maybe "i" (case insensitive comparison), i think that (?i:)
> and (?-i:) constructs would be overkill and rather hard to implement.

I figured that the (?i:) and (?-i:) constructs would be provided by the 
regular expression engine and that the --filter switch would simply be able 
to use any construct provided by that engine.

I was more trying to persuade for the use of a regex engine that supports such 
constructs (like Perl's). Some other constructs I find useful are: (?=), 
(?!=), (?<!), (?<=), (?>)

These may be overkill but I would rather have the expressiveness of a regex 
engine like Perls when I need it instead of writing regexs in another engine 
that have to be twice as long to compensate for the lack of language 
constructs. Those who don't want to use them, or don't know of them they can 
write regex's as normal.

If, as you said, this would be hard to implement or require extra effort by 
you that is above and beyond that required for the more "standard" constructs 
then I would say that they shouldn't be implemented; at least at first.


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