> [private response to limit list clutter]

or not.  oops.

> Note though that my patch *does* dominate the bandwidth for about 15 seconds
> to measure the available bandwidth before it falls back.  On my
> network, it seemed
> to take a few seconds before enough bytes were transferred to get a reasonable
> measure.

What I'd actually like to do is fold the argument into the limit-rate option,
like so...

  --limit-rate 20K means limit rate to 20KBps
  --limit-rate 20% means limit average rate to 20% of initial measured bandwidth

I wonder if it would make sense to cache the measured rate so that the
second time
you limit by percentage it skips the measurement step and thus the temporary
domination.  I guess then I'd also want to provide a --measure-rate
option to force
re-measurement when network changes.

Are there any reasons not to cache like that?  Does wget currently
save any state
someplace or would I need to implement that whole bit?


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