On 10/13/07, Josh Williams <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On 10/13/07, Tony Godshall <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Well, you may have such problems but you are very much reaching in
> > thinking that my --linux-percent has anything to do with any failing
> > in linux.
> >
> > It's about dealing with unfair upstream switches, which, I'm quite
> > sure, were not running Linux.
> >
> > Let's not hijack this into a linux-bash.
> I really don't know what you were trying to say here...

You seemed to think --limit-percent was a solution for a misbehavior of linux.

My experience with linux networking is that it's very effective and
that upstream non-linux switches don't handle such an effective client

When a linux box is my gateway/firewall I don't experience
single-client monopolization at all.

As to your linux issues, that's a topic that should probably discussed
in another forum, but I will say that I'm quite happy with the latest
Linux kernels- with the low-latency patch integrated and enabled my
desktop experience is quite snappy, even on this four-year-old 1.2GHz
laptop.  And stay away from the distro "server" kernels- they are
optimized for throughput at the cost of latency- they do their I/O in
bigger chunks.  And stay away from the RT kernels- they go too far in
giving I/O priority over everything else and end up churning on IRQs
unless they are very carefully tuned.

And no, I won't call the linux kernel GNU/Linux, if that was what you
were after.  The kernel is after all the one Linux thing in a
GNU/Linux system.

> .. I use GNU/Linux.

Anyone try Debian GNU/BSD yet?  Or Debian/Nexenta/GNU/Solaris?

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