Micah Cowan wrote:
> I'm kinda leaning toward the idea that we change the parser for
> --limit-rate to something that takes a percentage, instead of adding a
> new option. While it probably means a little extra coding, it handily
> deals with broken cases like people specifying both --limit-rate and
> --limit-percent, and helps consolidate the documentation. Anyone have
> opinions about this?

I would appreciate having a --limit-rate N% option.

So now about those "broken" cases. You could do some "least of both"
policy (which would of course still need the time to do measuring and
can cut only afterwards).
Or otherwise you could use a non-percent value as a minimum. This would
be especially useful if you add it to your default options and stumble
over some slow server only serving you 5KiB/s, where you most probably
don't want to further lower the speed on your side.

As third approach you would only use the last limiting option.

Depending on how difficult the implementation is I would vote for the
second behavior, although the first or third option might be more
intuitive to some of the users not reading the docs.

So greetings


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