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> And, of course, when I say "there would be two Wgets", what I really
> mean by that is that the more exotic-featured one would be something
> else entirely than a Wget, and would have a separate name.

I think the idea of having two Wgets is good. I too have been
concerned about the resources required in creating the all-out version
2.0. The current code for Wget is a bit mangled, but I think the basic
concepts surrounding it are very good ones. Although the code might
suck for those trying to read it, I think it could be very great with
a little regular maintenance.

There still remains the question, though, of whether version 2 will
require a complete rewrite. Considering how fundamental these changes
are, I don't think we would have much of a choice. You mentioned that
they could share code for recursion, but I don't see how. IIRC, the
code for recursion in the current version is very dependent on the
current methods of operation. It would probably have to be rewritten
to be shared.

As for libcurl, I see no reason why not. Also, would these be two
separate GNU projects? Would they be packaged in the same source code,
like finch and pidgin?

I do believe the next question at hand is what version 2's official
mascot will be. I purpose Lenny the tortoise ;)

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