Micah Cowan wrote:

> Keeping a single Wget and using runtime libraries (which we were terming
> "plugins") was actually the original concept (there's mention of this in
> the first post of this thread, actually); the issue is that there are
> core bits of functionality (such as the multi-stream support) that are
> too intrinsic to separate into loadable modules, and that, to be done
> properly (and with a minimum of maintenance commitment) would also
> depend on other libraries (that is, doing asynchronous I/O wouldn't
> technically require the use of other libraries, but it can be a lot of
> work to do efficiently and portably across OSses, and there are already
> Free libraries to do that for us).

Perhaps both versions can include multi-threaded support in their core version, 
but the lite version would never invoke multi-threading.


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