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Tony Lewis wrote:
> Micah Cowan wrote:
>> The easiest way to do what you want may be to log in using your browser,
>> and then tell Wget to use the cookies from your browser, using
> Given the frequency of the "login and then download a file" use case , it
> should probably be documented on the wiki. (Perhaps it already is. :-)

Yeah, at

I think you missed the final sentence of my how-to:

> (I'm going to put this up on the Wgiki Faq now, at
> http://wget.addictivecode.org/FrequentlyAskedQuestions)


(Back to you:)
> Also, it would probably be helpful to have a shell script to automate this.

I filed the following issue some time ago:

The report is low on details; but I was envisioning something that would
spew out forms and their fields, accept values for fields in one form,
and invoke the appropriate Wget command to do the submission.

I don't know if it could be _completely_ automated, since it's not 100%
possible for the script to know which form fields are the ones it should
be filling out.

OTOH, there are some damn good heuristics that could be done: I imagine
that the "right form" (in the event of more than one) can usually be
guessed by seeing which one has a "password"-type input (assuming
there's also only one of those). If that form has only one "text"-type
input, then we've found the username field as well. Name-based
heuristics (with "pass", "user", "uname", "login", etc) could also help.

If someone wants to do this, that'd be terrific. Could probably reuse
the existing HTML parser code from Wget. Otherwise, it'd probably be a
while before I could get to it, since I've got higher priorities that
have been languishing.

Such a tool might also be an appropriate place to add FF3 sqllite
cookies support.

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