There was a recent discussion concerning using wget to obtain pages
from yahoo logged into yahoo as a particular user. Micah replied to
Rick Nakroshis with instructions describing two methods for doing
this. This information has also been added by Micah to the wiki.

I just tried the simpler of the two methods -- logging into yahoo with
my browser (Firefox and then downloading a page with

wget --output-document=/tmp/yahoo/yahoo.htm --load-cookies <my home
'http://<yahoo url>'

The page I get is what would be obtained if an un-logged-in user went
to the specified url. Opening that same url in Firefox *does*
correctly indicate that it is logged in as me and reflects my

wget -V:
GNU Wget 1.11.1

I am running a reasonably up-to-date Gentoo system (updated within the
last month) on a Thinkpad X61.

Have I missed something here? Any help will be appreciated. Please
include my personal address in your replies as I am not (yet) a
subscriber to this list.

Thanks --
/Don Allen

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