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In Savannah, the name of the field value for "Planned Release" that was
previously "1.13" has just been renamed "1.14", and a new "1.13" target
has been added. I'll be moving some items currently targeted at 1.12 to
1.13, and some items that have just been moved to 1.14 will get moved to
the new 1.13 target.

If you have bookmarks to the 1.13 set of bugs in Savannah, that link now
goes to 1.14.

I've been very happy with the progress and improvements that have been
made to Wget over the last several months. My own productivity, though,
especially in the last couple of months, was somewhat less than I'd
hoped it would be. In particular, taking on co-maintainer
responsibilities with GNU Screen, and a brief hiatus to write GNU Teseq
(a program to aid in debugging Screen), ate up quite a bit of time. I
believe I'm close to stabilizing the balance between my work on Screen
and my work on Wget, but I'm behind where I wanted to be.

In the meantime, we've already got several really terrifically useful
features in the current tree, whose release I'd prefer not to hold back
longer than necessary. I may choose to punt some of the improvements I'd
been planning on Content-Disposition funkiness and such, and code
cleanup, and a bunch of small but not crucial fixes, and really anything
else that looks like it might prevent us from releasing near the turn of
the year.

Steven Schweda's copyright assignment is in for his nice batch of
changes for better VMS build-support and myriad FTP-related fixes; I
need to sift through a lot of that to see what we can pull in as-is and
what I want to adjust somewhat. I'm hoping to get as much of that in for
1.12 as possible - particularly the FTP adjustments, but may need to
punt some of it, even important bugfix pieces, until after the 1.12
release. If that's the case, though, I will ensure that
http://hg.addictivecode.org/wget/schweda/vms/ is kept up-to-date with
mainline, so that it will be essentially functional as a

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