Saw the address to this mailing list on the IRC topic & motd, so I thought 
asking here might help. Please CC any replies to me.

I've recently been using wget, and got it working for the most part, but 
there's one issue that's really been bugging me. One of the parameters I use is 
'-R "*action=*,*oldid=*"' (side note on the platform: ZSH on NetBSD on the SDF 
public access unix system, although I've also used it on windows with the same 
result). The purpose of this parameter is so that, when wget crawls a mid-sized 
wiki I'd like to have a local copy of, it doesn't bother with all the history 
pages, edit pages, and so forth. Not downloading these would save me an 
enormous amount of time. Unfortunately, the parameter is ignored until after 
the php page is downloaded. So, because it waits until it's downloaded to 
delete it, using the param doesn't really help at all.

Does anyone know how I can stop wget from even downloading matching pages?



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