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Yes, that's what it means.

I'm not yet committed to doing this. I'd like to see first how many
mainstream servers will respect If-Modified-Since when given as part of
an HTTP/1.0 request (in comparison to how they respond when it's part of
an HTTP/1.1 request). If common servers ignore it in HTTP/1.0, but not
in HTTP/1.1, that'd be an excellent case for holding off until we're
doing HTTP/1.1 requests.

Also, I don't think "removing the previous HEAD request" code is
entirely accurate: we probably would want to detect when a server is
feeding us non-new content in response to If-Modified-Since, and adjust
to use the current HEAD method instead as a fallback.

- -Micah

vinothkumar raman wrote:
> This mean we should remove the previous HEAD request code and use
> If-Modified-Since by default and have it to handle all the request and
> store pages if it is not returning a 304 response
> Is it so?
> On Fri, Aug 29, 2008 at 11:06 PM, Micah Cowan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> Follow-up Comment #4, bug #20329 (project wget):
>> verbatim-mode's not all that readable.
>> The gist is, we should go ahead and use If-Modified-Since, perhaps even now
>> before there's true HTTP/1.1 support (provided it works in a reasonable
>> percentage of cases); and just ensure that any Last-Modified header is sane.
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