"Hrvoje Niksic" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Wget is supposed to use aprintf, which is defined in utils.c, and is
not specific to Unix.

It's preferable to use an asprintf-like functions than a static buffer
because it supports reentrance (unlike a static buffer) and imposes no
arbitrary limits on error output.

Fine by me. Here is an adjusted patch:

--- hg-latest/src/url.c      Tue Sep 09 12:37:23 2008
+++ url.c       Tue Sep 09 14:37:39 2008
@@ -900,9 +900,9 @@
      if ((p = strchr (scheme, ':')))
        *p = '\0';
      if (!strcasecmp (scheme, "https"))
-        asprintf (&error, _("HTTPS support not compiled in"));
+        error = aprintf (_("HTTPS support not compiled in"));
-        asprintf (&error, _(parse_errors[error_code]), quote (scheme));
+        error =aprintf (_(parse_errors[error_code]), quote (scheme));
      xfree (scheme);

      return error;



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