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On expanding current URI acc/rej matches to allow matching against query
strings, I've been considering how we might enable/disable this
functionality, with an eye toward backwards compatibility.

It seems to me that one usable approach would be to require the "?"
query string to be an explicit part of rule, if it's expected to be
matched against query strings. So "-A .htm,.gif,*Action=edit*" would all
result in matches against the filename portion only, but "-A
'\?*Action=edit*' would look for "Action=edit" within the query-string
portion. (The '\?' is necessary because otherwise '?' is a wildcard
character; [?] would also work.)

The disadvantage of that technique is that it's harder to specify that a
given string should be checked _anywhere_, regardless of whether it
falls in the filename or query-string portion; but I can't think offhand
of any realistic cases where that's actually useful. We could also
supply a --match-queries option to turn on matching of wildcard rules
for anywhere (non-wildcard suffix rules should still match only at the
end of the filename portion).

Another option is to use a separate "-A"-like option that does what -A
does for filenames, but matches against query strings. I like this idea
somewhat less.


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