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I sent the following last month but didn't get any feedback. I'm trying
one more time. :)
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Micah Cowan wrote:
> On expanding current URI acc/rej matches to allow matching against query
> strings, I've been considering how we might enable/disable this
> functionality, with an eye toward backwards compatibility.
> It seems to me that one usable approach would be to require the "?"
> query string to be an explicit part of rule, if it's expected to be
> matched against query strings. So "-A .htm,.gif,*Action=edit*" would all
> result in matches against the filename portion only, but "-A
> '\?*Action=edit*' would look for "Action=edit" within the query-string
> portion. (The '\?' is necessary because otherwise '?' is a wildcard
> character; [?] would also work.)
> The disadvantage of that technique is that it's harder to specify that a
> given string should be checked _anywhere_, regardless of whether it
> falls in the filename or query-string portion; but I can't think offhand
> of any realistic cases where that's actually useful. We could also
> supply a --match-queries option to turn on matching of wildcard rules
> for anywhere (non-wildcard suffix rules should still match only at the
> end of the filename portion).
> Another option is to use a separate "-A"-like option that does what -A
> does for filenames, but matches against query strings. I like this idea
> somewhat less.
> Thoughts?
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