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[EMAIL PROTECTED] is now back in business as a full-fledged mailing list,
and not just a forwarding alias to here. Please subscribe using the
interface at http://lists.gnu.org/mailman/listinfo/bug-wget/ at your
earliest convenience.

I had hoped to leave forwarding still enabled during the transition; I
subscribed wget@sunsite.dk but that did not seem to do the trick. So
mails at [EMAIL PROTECTED] will not show up here at the present time.

I will ask the dotsrc.org folks to set up this mailing list as a
forwarding alias to [EMAIL PROTECTED] (the reverse of recent history). At
that time, no further mails will be sent to subscribers of this list.
Please subscribe to [EMAIL PROTECTED] instead.

At this time, I'm thinking of merging wget@sunsite.dk and
[EMAIL PROTECTED]; there isn't really enough traffic to justify
separate lists, IMO; and often discussions come up on submitted patches
that are of interest to everyone.

Please avoid continued use of this list if possible. The gmane and
mail-archive.com sites will be asked to use the new list for archiving
purposes (and of course, bug-wget will also be archived via GNU's
pipermail setup).

Some of the reasons for this migration may be found at
In addition, people have recently been having difficulties with spam
blocking preventing their unsubscription(!), subscription, or even
contacting dotsrc.org staff about resolving subscription problems.

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