On Fri, 31 Oct 2008, Micah Cowan wrote:

> I will ask the dotsrc.org folks to set up this mailing list as a
> forwarding alias to [EMAIL PROTECTED] (the reverse of recent history). At
> that time, no further mails will be sent to subscribers of this list.
> Please subscribe to [EMAIL PROTECTED] instead.
> At this time, I'm thinking of merging wget@sunsite.dk and
> [EMAIL PROTECTED]; there isn't really enough traffic to justify
> separate lists, IMO; and often discussions come up on submitted patches
> that are of interest to everyone.

 I am puzzled.  You mean you declare <wget@sunsite.dk> retired and 
<[EMAIL PROTECTED]> is to be used from now on for the purpose the former 
list instead?  And <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> will most likely be retired 
as well soon with the replacement to be <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> as well?


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