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Now that tabindex can be used on any element to make it focusable, it makes sense that it should be possible to trigger a click on those elements with the keyboard.

Opera maps Enter to click. As far as I know, other browsers only do that for a few elements like<a>.

What do people think? Should it be spec'd?

Yes :angel:

Seriously though, I think it makes sense that focusable elements have activation behavior and that you can trigger that by both the keyboard and mouse.

At least the spec should say what elements map enter to click now. Except for perhaps<textarea> and a few form controls, I don't see why some should and others not, though. Maybe it should be a blacklist?

I'm not sure it should go further then suggesting "Enter" to be the key for performing form submission, etc. After all, there's a lot of clients out there without an "Enter" key.

Anne van Kesteren

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