On 2/3/10 1:01 PM, Tim Hutt wrote:
Good point, it would be better to call it 'onresize' for consistency.
So my revised suggestion is:

1. Support more length specifiers for the width and height of a
canvas(%, em, etc.).
2. Add an onresize event to the canvas tag. When the canvas is resized
it is reset and this event is fired.
3. CSS size specifiers resize rather than scale the canvas. I.e. it
should always be that 1 unit = 1 pixel initially.

#3 would break existing canvas content.

#2 would work if all elements supported onresize (as has been proposed), right?

Given that, a resize handler could simply reset the canvas width/height attrs if desired (thereby achieving #1 and the clearing aspect of #2), no?

Hence my question: what use cases here would not be covered simply by having a general resize event on all elements?


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