I'm just taking a peek at this topic. My first impression is: why
would anyone want such a low level hardware information (CPU cores and
whatnot) on something as high level and abstract as a browser? This
strikes me initially a useful as having the CPU architecture exposed
as well.

However, I do see the use cases of somehow being more forgiving with
CPU usage. But this would be much better achieved with an API like
defining the priority of workers (high, normal, low) and other async
tasks, and let the user agent do all the resource allocation and
management, because that's what user agents are built to do. In any
case the user agent would make those choices better than the web

The only use case I can think of where a web page might want explicit
hardware information is for driver download pages, benchmarks or
collecting statistics. But these cases would be better solved with a
specialized API requiring user consent.

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