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> If performance is good, why would this not be acceptable?

 I don't know why we'd provide an API to compress PNGs, then tell people to
use a script reimplementation if they want to set a common option.

As far as performance, I'm not sure about PNG, but there's no way that a JS
compressor would compete with native for JPEG.  Assembly (MMX, SSE)
optimization gives a significant performance improvement over C, so I doubt
JS will ever be in the running.  (

> It seems that this would be a fragmented solution as file formats and
> features would be added at different stages to browser engines. Would there
> be a way to feature test that the optional arguments are supported?

No more than any other new feature.  I don't know if feature testing for
dictionary arguments has been solved yet (it's come up before), but if not
that's something that needs to be figured out in general.

Glenn Maynard

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