Tab wrote:
> This is already theoretically addressed by <link rel=pronunciation>,
> linking to a well-defined pronunciation file format. Nobody
> implements that, but nobody implements anything new either, of course.

Brett wrote:
> I think it'd be a lot easier for sites, say along the lines of 
> Wikipedia, to support inline markup to allow users to get a word 
> referenced at the beginning of an article, for example, pronounced 
> accurately.

Wikipedia can easily use data:... if it needs to. 
And wiktionary already has a solution...

A better challenge is explaining to a screen reader if "read" is "rEd" or 
"rehD" in a page where you want to define and use both. I claim that this can 
be addressed with id= on the link and a ref= (or similar) on the use. 

But before User Agents should be asked to support this, I'd want to see real 
sites showing an interest. 

Screen Reader vendors seem ok with the current state - they sell the 
pronunciation tables...

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