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> > Consider the use-case wherein, based on the location of the user, 
> > JavaScript changes the value of the website-number meta extension to 
> > give a more relevant contact phone number.
> > As a meta extension, this is easily achievable.
> > But would the content provider be able to change the values based on 
> > the location via Manifest? (do pardon my lack of knowledge in this 
> > area)

> For the moment, the Web Manifest specification doesn't provide an API to
modify the Manifest after the page load. However, the server can provide a
different manifest depending on the user. It seems that serving different
manifest is probably what you should do here.

For sites wherein the user can set his location (country/region etc.) by
himself, making additional network requests in order to retrieve new
manifests (just for the contact info) seems like an unnecessary overhead.

To figure out how well content developers take to these, would it be a good
idea to try pushing these as meta extensions first? Depending on developer
feedback we could then move it to the Manifest.

Will also try and seek opinion on Chrome, Firefox and Webkit developer
forums to gain their perspective as well.


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