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>> What about icons that need to change daily? E.g. for a calendaring site?
> This is scary, IMO. A hijacked site could have its icon replaced for a bank's 
> icon or something. I dunno.

At least in FirefoxOS we found that we need to support applications
updating their icons as part of an update. So in our manifest
implementation, we check for updates of the manifest on a daily basis
and if the manifest has been updated to point to a new icon, we use
that new icon.

Applications do on a fairly regular basis release "visual updates",
and as part of that it's critical that they also update the
application icon.

We do however not allow applications to change their names. For the
reason that you mention.

I agree there's still a risk that just changing the icon means that
the user won't notice that the name doesn't match, however I don't
think disallowing icons to be updated is an option. Even forbidding
names to be changed has been a major headache and something we're
looking to enable somehow.

/ Jonas

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