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[…] It seems like:

- It's getting harder and harder to do simple things.  Too many
JavaScript frameworks and libraries.  Too much complexity. Authoring
should not require extensive programming skills. (Whatever happened to
the read/write web?).

I think that simple things are still simple to achieve. A few use cases became a little more verbose when presentational HTML parts were deprecated in favor of CSS (like now you have to write style="width:50%" instead of width="50%"), but other things have become easier than they were in the past, for example providing the document encoding (<meta charset="…"> instead of <meta http-equiv="Content-type" content="text/html;charset=…">).

Does authoring as in writing articles on the web really require programming skills? I don't think so. Of course, if someone wants to have all the newest and shiniest interactive stuff, it may require some programming skills. But those are things that weren't easier in the past, are they? I think that they were hard too or not even possible. So things didn't become harder, but you can now do additional stuff that's hard.

Too many JavaScript frameworks and libraries? We're not forced to use any, are we? So I don't understand. Well, I'm annoyed myself when people use JavaScript stuff instead of simpler things, for example <span onclick="javascript:window.location.href=''"> instead of <a href="";>. But the point is that a link with an <a>-element still works as it always did; nobody asked people to use JavaScript instead.

I think that web pages don't need to be complex; people make them complex. I don't consider that human characteristic to be solvable by adding more syntax options.


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