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> I've filed a spec issue to make it so:
> https://github.com/whatwg/html/issues/262
> If there's any implementor interest in pitch control that goes beyond
> (independently) or that, please file a separate issue.

They won't.

You can hold the standard of "they need to come here and post up
cogent arguments in favor of feature X", but it ain't gonna happen
that way.

There just isn't a whole lot of money in music education. How many
music education companies are W3C members?

Unlike technology companies like Facebook, Google, Nokia, Opera, and
other companies the post here, small music education operations like
artistworks, jammit, licklibrary, etc are more about their domain —
"music" — than they are about technology.

Major music education websites are still using Flash; their developers
are busy fixing broken links, making the login feature, database, etc
work, etc. Flash is not nice but they apparently were not funded or
motivated enough by the existing HTML5 HTMLMediaElement to use it

Control over playbackRate has a greater value than pitch control. But
those sites don't even allow the students to change the playbackRate
because they're still using Flash.

You won't read posts here about what students have to say about it the
value of having HTML5 vs Flash, or independent control over pitch and

Garrett / independent voice

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