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>> [...]
>>> I've filed a spec issue to make it so:
>>> https://github.com/whatwg/html/issues/262
>>> If there's any implementor interest in pitch control that goes beyond
>>> (independently) or that, please file a separate issue.
>> They won't.
>> You can hold the standard of "they need to come here and post up
>> cogent arguments in favor of feature X", but it ain't gonna happen
>> that way.
>> There just isn't a whole lot of money in music education. How many
>> music education companies are W3C members?
>> Unlike technology companies like Facebook, Google, Nokia, Opera, and
>> other companies the post here, small music education operations like
>> artistworks, jammit, licklibrary, etc are more about their domain —
>> "music" — than they are about technology.
>> Major music education websites are still using Flash; their developers
>> are busy fixing broken links, making the login feature, database, etc
>> work, etc. Flash is not nice but they apparently were not funded or
>> motivated enough by the existing HTML5 HTMLMediaElement to use it
>> instead.
>> Control over playbackRate has a greater value than pitch control. But
>> those sites don't even allow the students to change the playbackRate
>> because they're still using Flash.
>> You won't read posts here about what students have to say about it the
>> value of having HTML5 vs Flash, or independent control over pitch and
>> playbackRate.
> Have you investigated whether you can achieve your use cases using the
> Web Audio API? If it isn't possible, is there a small addition to Web
> Audio that would solve the problem?
> It is unfortunately quite hard to get all browser vendors (or even
> one) interested in implementing support for something that is only
> expected to benefit a niche use case, but we should strive to make
> available the primitives that would it possible to implement yourself.
  I am actually quite ambivalent about this feature - it is currently broken on 
OSX and it has never been implemented on iOS, but as far as I can see we 
haven’t received a single bug report about this.


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