The test harnesses used by the working group which I chair rely on being
able to replace window.console. I'd like to see it continue to be mutable.

On Mon, Feb 8, 2016 at 3:25 PM, Domenic Denicola <> wrote:

> As you may know, we now have a standard for the console object:
> One of the first issues we encountered while investigating console
> behavior is, which is that
> browsers currently allow setting `window.console` (and presumably
> `self.console` in workers) to any value. This is pretty weird, but every
> tested browser (Firefox, Chrome, Edge, and Safari) follows it.
> Probably the default course of action here is to just spec this. But we
> wanted to check to see if any implementers thought this was weird, and
> wanted to experiment with e.g. removing the setter.
> Even if we do go this route, we have another weirdness:
> - Firefox has an accessor descriptor (get/set), Chrome, Safari, and Edge
> have a data descriptor (value)
> - Firefox, Chrome, and Edge are enumerable; Safari is not enumerable
> I guess Chrome and Safari's data descriptors are not surprising, given
> that their bindings infrastructure for Window isn't fully Web
> IDL-compatible yet. But Edge is pretty surprising. Travis, do you have any
> info on that?
> So I think the plan of record is: `attribute any console`, with prose
> describing how the getter returns "the window's console object" which is
> initially set to a new instance of Console, but the setter can change it to
> any value. This means accessor descriptors and enumerable, since that's how
> IDL works. If anyone thinks this is bad, let us know. Otherwise the
> standard will be updated any day now in that direction.

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